About Us

Our History

Founded in 2007, the Lark Group has been gaining ground in the international markets.

Lark Group manages the Trademark registered internationally and founded in 2007, since then has been gaining space in international markets, dedicated in the area of architectural, engineering and technical consulting services.

Lark Group recently decided to increase its international expansion by networking, technical offices in the well-known franchise model, thus implementing all standards and methods of work and quality control in order to replicate the degree and level of excellence desired in the challenges to which these areas require it, as well as in the attendance and monitoring of their customers in a differentiated and personalized way.

In order to materialize these quality standards, the Lark Technical Offices network acquires a multidisciplinary and experienced team in the various technical areas in the network of internal collaborators, without recourse to third parties or outsourcing regimes, thus responding to the challenges of the sector of Architecture and Engineering. This allows sharing of knowledge and experience. Designing projects of different scales and natures, always with the objective of elaborating customized solutions, according to the specifics that each project demands.

The Lark Group also includes a group of companies in the cluster model to ensure the network in several areas, such as; marketing, selection and recruitment, training, legal, taxation and accounting.

  • Professional Specialists
  • Effectiveness of results
  • Experienced Technicians
  • 100% Assistance

What we offer

The vast experience acquired has been built up over the years, allowing us to offer solid professional monitoring and adapted to the requirements of the markets, namely at the level of the integral design of projects in the current generation BIM – Building Information Modeling, changes and legalizations of projects or existing buildings, management and execution of specifications and works contracts, direction, supervision, coordination of safety on site, management of work, auditing and review of project and work. As well as enormous experience in dealing with all applicable legislation and in interacting with the various licensing and oversight entities within the most diverse urban operations.

All of this experience has been acquired in a sustainable way, above all by the recognition and trust placed in us by our clients and obviously resulting from a large number of projects submitted and executed over many years. This way, we were thus gathering a portfolio that includes the most diverse interventions from Urbanism, Landscaping, Legalizations, Rehabilitations, Restorations, Recoveries, design of new building, addressing different programs like; housing, tourism, services, commerce, catering, entertainment, equipment, leisure and industry.

Perfect planning

We do client-side planning so that you can minimize errors and get quality performance.

Precision at work

We work with focus and pride in every project we develop.

Excellent results

We always try to present the best result to the client in order to satisfy all your wishes.

We offer a network service