Why the franchising model?

There are many reasons why the Lark Group has expanded through the franchising expansion model, one already well-known by any franchised model, is how to develop the business in partnership and network, in multiple symbiosis and constant. This allows a collective and corporate development between several legally independent companies.

Of course, this model was not chosen for the simple fact that the success of the system itself, already invented in the history of civilization by Benjamin Franklin in 1731 in partnership with Thomas Whitmarsh to open a printing business in Charlestown, Carolina in the USA. By itself, the success of the current franchising system is noticeable in the broadest types of service or product business worldwide.

But in the innovation of connecting companies with technicians and services of high specificities, cooperating and benefiting from collective intelligence is the most interesting and effective. Adding experience, knowledge and professionalism, in the most diverse technical areas of the universe of architecture and engineering, it is possible in multidisciplinary team to grow professionally in an exponential way.

Using the new fourth-generation franchising model known as the “Learning Network Age”. Where (franchisees) partners are actively involved in strategic decisions.

All effective innovations are surprisingly simple. In fact, the biggest compliment an innovation can receive is someone saying, “Of course, how could i not think of this before?

If you want to be our partner, instead of starting your business in this area by working alone and reinventing the business by itself, you can do it in a network, join the Lark Group network.

João Correia

Lark Group CEO

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