Lark Group

Lark Group

It was developed with the purpose of aggregating and unifying all the Lark project offices and their collaborators in a unique and multidisciplinary team, thus welcoming any project or challenge with a global approach in a professional and responsible manner.

The Lark Group through its network of Lark Cabinets provides services called Lark Services, services in the areas of architecture, engineering and technical consulting.

Through its business cluster, Lark Marketing, Lark Accounting and Lark Academy can also meet all marketing, design and communication needs through Lark Marketing, Lda. Accounting, tax, project and economic studies services by Lark Accounting, Lda. And the services of recruitment, selection and training by Lark Academy, Lda.

The Lark Group is structured in the following departments:

  • Management and General Administration Department.
  • Legal Department.
  • Marketing and Expansion Department.
  • Fiscal and Financial Department.
  • Recruitment, Selection and Training Department.
  • Quality Control Department.