Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of Lark Marketing.

Lark Marketing, Design e Comunicação, Lda., Exists “so that you can devote yourself to growing your company”. The evolution of Marketing within business structures accompanies the development of the market and competition. Today companies do not work without a dynamic Marketing action and perfectly aligned with their development and growth needs.

By providing a range of solutions or services appropriately tailored to the company’s culture and the way they reflect in their work style, aspirations and motivations, Lark Marketing employs process-based tools and methodologies to market and strategy to address it, as well as its implementation in a business context of the motivations and objectives in the market, helping to build successful brands.

Having the information and knowledge in this area helps our partner companies to develop new communication and sales skills, so essential to their growth, giving more prestige to your business and a set of essential factors to achieve success.

The need for a dynamic marketing strategy and in line with the shift to the digital paradigm, we add experience in building a strong brand, a robust product, a line of adjusted services, creating a solid image geared towards a satisfactory relationship with the target market.

We develop concepts for customers that reinforce and distinguish their brands and market positioning. We create concepts adjusted to the needs, budget and objectives, taking into consideration the profitability of the investments.

CEO Lark Marketing

Dr. João Ramos Correia