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The Lark Group develops services in several areas, dividing into four group destinations. In the area of Architecture, Engineering and Technical Consulting called by LARK SERVICES. In the Marketing, Design and Communication area called MARKETING SERVICES. In the area of Accounting, Taxation and Investment Projects ACCOUNTING SERVICES and in the area of recruitment, Selection and Training ACADEMY SERVICES

It is the designation that the Lark Group gives to the set of services offered by the Lark Cabinets network, these offices being the living demonstration of the most extensive experience built up over the years, allowing us today to offer a solid professional accompaniment adapted to the demands and challenges of the markets, in particular at the level of full project design, building legalization, rehabilitation, extending the services to the construction phase and completion, such as project management and supervision, supervision, project and works auditing, management and execution of works contracts.

All technical services are developed through an internal multidisciplinary team complemented by all areas of architecture, engineering and consulting, without having to resort to external outsourcing technicians. Our professionals have vast experience in dealing with applicable legislation and in interacting with the various licensing and oversight entities within the scope of urban operations.

All this experience has been made mainly by the trust placed in us by customers and resulting from a large number of projects submitted over many years. In this way, a curriculum that includes the most diverse areas of intervention, such as Urbanism, Landscaping, Tourism, Equipment, Restoration, Residential, Commerce and Services was gathered.

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Building on the culture of the Lark Marketing company and the way it is reflected in your work style, aspirations and motivations. We use a variety of tools and methodologies based on processes aimed at obtaining a clearer vision of the strategy and itinerary to be carried out for each company, in the provision of a range of products or services appropriately adjusted and assumed in an individual and personalized manner, implementation in a company context and their motivations and objectives in the market.


The approach starts with the provision of tools and follow-up to the start of each company as a whole, followed by a consultancy that evaluates all existing and planned organizational and procedural activities, resulting in a report summarizing the available resources, objectives and opportunities for development.

This information will allow the delineation of a strategic and appropriate plan.


The presence of a Marketing strategy in a company is essential for its growth framed in advantages and benefits of the resources. Today’s consumers rely on the information available online to evaluate alternatives and make choices. The use of integrated Digital Marketing, allows a company present in a given market, significantly increase its exposure and consequently its sales.


We offer a set of solutions that go mainly through.

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Accounting Services are the services developed by the company Lark Accounting Portugal in which, through its team of professionals in the fiscal, economic and accounting area, projects and studies of economic feasibility are developed, projects IFRRU 2020 Financial Instrument for Urban Rehabilitation for Portugal, projects and planning for investment, support for business creation, accounting for companies, support for business and business planning and management, tax advice and other services.

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Lark Academy, a company associated with the prestigious Lark Group, operates in the areas of Training, Consulting, Recruitment & Selection and offers business solutions of excellence in these areas.

Its activities are initially developed in three main pillars:

➢ Integrated Training

We offer several Formative, Educational and Motivational Solutions for creating and sustaining an Advanced Mindset aimed at Differentiated Results and High Performance.

We intend to create, in our clients and trainees, a new experience of effective training and really capable of promoting the evolution of individuals, both personally and professionally.

Consultancy – Recruitment & Selection (includes support for career guidance)

It is the wish of any Lark Group Office as a company to form motivated, functional, cohesive and productive work teams aligned with both the Company’s values and purposes and its objectives. This only happens with a maximum suitability of the person to the position, a constant evaluation of the assembled human system associated with an assertive, conscientious, transparent, methodical and proactive global leadership and management. Managing People to People. This suitability can be taken from 2 fundamental tools: Recruitment & Selection and Professional Training.

Nowadays, in the global context we live in, differentiation is the key to dictate the market.

                                                                                                                                        CEO Dep. Training – Lark Academy

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